Swimming pools come in many different sizes and shapes and fulfill a variety of purposes. Regardless of the type or function of the pool, all pools can be enhanced with a decorative concrete pool deck. The area surrounding the pool should not only provide a safe, slip-resistant surface, but also complement your home and the look you want.

Going for a themed approach? At Lowell and Russell Concrete we can you help you bring your theme to life!

  • Natural – if you want your pool to blend with the surrounding area, you may wish to choose a natural brushed or polished stone appearance. You can then choose a color which seamlessly blends with your landscaping such as brown, gray, white, beige, gold or pink, or a combination of these colors. Final touches may include a few tumbled boulders placed strategically around the pool deck.
  • Roman – if you prefer to relax in your pool or sun yourself in a  lounge in a chair beside the pool, imagine yourself in a more luxurious setting consisting of a Roman theme with a mosaic tile appearance in a variety of colors or clear with gold accents. Complete the theme with a few period-style Roman statutes around the edges .
  • Modern – as a snazzy complement to your urban home and lifestyle, you may wish to consider a sleek pool deck with a dark grey slate appearance, black and red accents, and sharp geometrical shapes and edges.
  • Retro – pick your favorite decade! Want to go back to the roaring 20’s, fabulous 50’s, or the swinging 60’s? We can help you recreate the era of your choice through a unique blend of concrete imprinting and staining.
  • Zen – ah, perhaps your inner most desire involves a pool to soothe the mind and body after a long, stressful day. Consider an organic ambiance with the pool framed by a soft white stone appearance and an inviting secluded pebble-textured lounging area that provides a peaceful and quiet setting.

The possibilities are endless. You can choose to stay true with the theme, or combine several themes to make your pool uniquely yours. Bring your ideas to Lowell Russell Concrete and we will help turn your dreams into a refreshing reality!