Decorative Concrete in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete

Becoming the new material of choice, many designers and homeowners are selecting concrete floors for their residences and businesses. Stained, painted, colored, and personalized floors are showing up in homes, offices, restaurants and, often times retail stores, malls, and schools. Stained concrete floors offer many options for interior rooms with limitless colors and designs. And flooring is not the only place you may see this lovely material. Countertops, patio tables, bathrooms, and pool areas have also become common places for decorative concrete.

decorative concrete lowell russell concreteConcrete is a popular material because it enhances the integrity of the architect’s designs and is easy to maintain. Floor designs do not have to have the industrial look when concrete is chosen for your flooring material. It can be designed in any way, is durable, and can be easily changed if needed. It can be designed in a unique way so that it naturally blends in with other elements of your room, and many times you may not even realize you are standing on a concrete floor! It doesn’t have to be gray and boring! Concrete floors can be colored, have textures applied, include patterns, or even monogrammed. Spice it up with stencils and paint. Polished concrete is beautifully smooth and often mistaken for marble. The sleek look makes it a versatile choice in a number of settings. Many individuals may think that the surface of polished concrete may become slippery when wet (such as in pool areas or bathrooms). However, for added slip protection, there are special anti-slip conditioners to make the concrete safe and improves traction when wet.

Concrete floors, countertops, and tables are gaining popularity in the design world because of its capability to be designed any way you choose. It can offer customization, functionality and extreme durability for kitchen floors and withstand elements that kitchen floors are routinely exposed to including foot traffic, food spills, dropping of utensils, etc. No other surface can resist chipping, staining or discoloring like a concrete floor or countertop!

With the winter season upon us, take these free weekends and spend your indoor time considering how you would like to upgrade your flooring. Don’t let the winter blues get you down! Take this time to browse our photo gallery of interior designs and let your dreams become a reality with a new look through polished, stained, or painted concrete. You won’t regret it! Give us a call today and let Lowell Russell Concrete create and spice-up your home flooring or counter top needs!