One of the great things about owning your own home is performing the yearly maintenance required to keep things safe and in good repair. Great things right? Let’s be honest, some of those maintenance tasks are just plain boring and dirty chores you’d rather put-off until next year. Regardless of how hard you try, and the amount of money you throw at a problem, it remains a constant and seemingly pointless struggle. Driveways are a good example. Perhaps you’ve been tolerating a gravel driveway for years and have grown tired of mowing the stones tossed into the yard by your snow blower. Or, the asphalt paving strewn with waves and hollows requires a tanker of sealant every year to fill the ever widening cracks and glue the broken chunks back together. If this is your struggle, now is the time for a change!

Your driveway is probably at the top of the list when it comes to making a good impression on family and friends. It is either a welcoming, even, and sturdy pathway or a jumbled heap of stone or asphalt that has guests contemplating whether risking a broken ankle is worth the visit. A concrete driveway is extremely durable and provides many years of extremely low maintenance usage to your home. Lowell Russell Concrete can take your new driveway project from start to finish and provide an exceptional product for your dollar. Plus, with our concrete stamping, stenciling, and staining, we can create a huge variety of extraordinary and unique designs that will add distinctive personality to your home environment.

Please visit the Lowell Russell photo gallery to view examples of our previous projects, or experiment with our design tutorial to see what you can create. From simple to simply fabulous, give us a call and let us help create and install a durable driveway that provides outstanding curb appeal and exceptional function you will be proud to own for many years to come!