Concrete is used to pour foundations and walls in buildings and structures around the world, which is a building material made from water, sand, gravel and cement. Approximately six billion tons of concrete are produced every year, and concrete is one of the most durable building materials ever created. Together, steel and concrete can make buildings as high as skyscrapers, but most people don’t realize the elegance and beauty of poured concrete for use around their home or business.

The most popular use of concrete that most people are familiar with is pouring foundations for homes and driveways. Concrete can also be used to create patios in backyards, provide decoration in the form of steps and walkways, lines the outside of swimming pools, and provides the foundation for decks.

Plain concrete is often used for these projects, but a variant called stamped or imprinted concrete is also popular. Stamped concrete is concrete that has been stamped or imprinted with patterns on the surface so as to resemble brick, tile or even wood. Stamped concrete is durable, like plain concrete, and can add a certain elegance to outdoor decor. You can even customize stamped concrete to the pattern that you want, making it easy for home decorators to design the look and feel of their interior and exterior living and work spaces with durable and affordable materials.

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