For customers in the market for countertops, there’s no better option than concrete. Concrete seamlessly combines durability with elegant simplicity and provides countless options for design.

In addition to durability, concrete is also a sustainable, green product. Concrete contains varying combinations of natural resources, like ash, gravel, limestone, and sand—which are abundantly available locally. Using regionally produced raw materials helps to keep the carbon footprint small, and also keeps the cost lower than other materials such as granite, which would need to be shipped from another part of the country.

Concrete counters are handcrafted; this allows the customer to choose from numerous options to design just the right countertop for their home or business. Because the concrete is cast in molds, the customer can request unique shaping for added interest. A drainboard can be integrated into the countertop to facilitate food production. Or an integrated sink can be made from the concrete, for an efficient, streamlined appearance.

Many techniques are available to add patterns, color, and/or texture to concrete countertops. Staining involves the use of chemicals to create a colored or textured appearance, allowing the counter to mimic the look of tile, wood, or stone. Stenciling is done by using a sandblasting technique to create borders, logos, and original artwork. Embedding is a process by which coins, glass, fossils, stones, or other desired items are added to the counter to create a unique, customized appearance. And concrete countertops can be polished to add an elegant, high-gloss finish.

At Lowell Russell, we are dedicated to excellence in workmanship and customer satisfaction, and we use cutting-edge techniques and equipment to give our customers the counters they deserve.

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