One of the most exciting developments in the construction industry over the last several years is the widespread use of stained concrete. The applications for this process are limitless and many people are utilizing this new technique on concrete floors in their home or business.

It is virtually impossible to describe the breathtaking designs and beautiful layouts that are being produced with stained concrete. From a planned design, to a graphic that takes its own shape, concrete floors are literally stopping people in their tracks. Take a look at some of the beautiful possibilities that exist in our concrete floors photo gallery.

Many people who have allergies and have fought with carpet all their lives are finding stained concrete to be a wonderful alternative. As beautiful as any carpet, a stained concrete floor is so easy to keep clean, is fresh at all times and can be matched seamlessly to the other designer elements in a home.

In addition to increased customer satisfaction, builders and designers are thrilled with the new innovations in stained concrete, and are excited about this constantly changing technology and design alternative. Almost any idea a homeowner can come up with can be brought to life in stained concrete.

Many companies and businesses are also utilizing stained concrete as an inexpensive method for putting their company logo on the floor in the entrance to their building. It makes an elegant and stylish statement to customers, and reflects innovation.

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