When searching for the perfect material for your floor, one of the greatest alternatives to marble, tile, and block is stained concrete. Builders understand concrete flooring is one of the most versatile products in use today, because almost any look can be created and match the surroundings of a driveway, cement floor, concrete wall, pool deck, patio, or walkway.

The magic of concrete floors are that the stained concrete can be made to look just like marble, wood, stone, and even leather. Not only is stained concrete used for outdoor flooring, it can even be used to create a spectacular looking floor for indoor rooms. Stained concrete is also much less expensive than any of the aforementioned options for flooring, and one can create a superior look for a fraction of the cost.

Concrete staining is achieved by applying an acid-based stain to a concrete slab. The way the concrete takes the stain is different in each instance, which leads to a unique look from project to project. Usually the stains used for concrete produce an earthy array of tones such as: brown, terra cotta, tan, and blue-green. Although there are manufacturers that have developed other colors, subtle earthy tones are a perfect accent for outdoor areas. And concrete staining creates absolutely gorgeous floors that will look exactly like other types of flooring.

One of the biggest benefits of stained concrete as opposed to other flooring methods is that the bond of the stain to the concrete is very tough and the stain will not chip, crack, or fade. And, not only is cement durable and allows the stain to hold up over time, it looks magnificent and each project brings a new distinct and custom look that will add character and richness to any outdoor or indoor area or room. Therefore, stained concrete is the best and longest lasting flooring solution there is.

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