Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the world of construction, and can be found just about anywhere you look. Stamped concrete, in particular is prized for its durability and visual appeal, and can be used in situations where the concrete is meant to imitate another, more expensive materials.

For instance, many people use stamped concrete that resembles brick for the walkway to the front door, as stamped concrete is very attractive but costs only a fraction of what more expensive materials might cost. Other stamped concrete imitations include slate, wood and even tile.

Caring for stamped concrete is not unlike maintaining any other form of concrete. What must be taken note of, however, is that stamped concrete has grooves in it while regular flat concrete does not. It is important to take extra care in making sure these grooves are free of debris. Power washing with hot water is the best way to make sure your exterior concrete is clean, and is an easy, inexpensive method. However, a quick spray with the garden hose will suffice with regular maintenance. For oil stains, you may want to use an alkaline degreaser with the wash.

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