Concrete is the new building material of choice for home designers and owners throughout the country. Because concrete floors can be stained, colored, painted, and personalized, they are universally popping up in business and home décor. Nearly limitless in design, color and texture, a concrete floor offers numerous options for exterior and interior areas.

There is already a lot of good stuff that has been said about concrete and for good reason too. Concrete in itself is equal parts sturdy and sleek, not to mention quite easy to maintain.  It is therefore the best choice of material to use on your floors. Here are some of the great benefits to concrete floors.

Concrete Floors are Eco-Friendly

If there is anything to be said about concrete for your floors it would be the best eco-friendly option you’ll make. All you need to do to maintain it is have it sanded and sealed and you’re good to go.  There is very little in terms of additional materials that it requires and you only create a very minimal impact on the environment. Concrete floors will last you a very long time and this is the reason why so many homes around the country select it as the foundation for their flooring needs.

Creates an Airy Feel

Let Lowell Russell concrete help you create an ethereal feel to your home using concrete flooring. Concrete’s low-key look and color as well as its smooth surface can help the room feel more open and airy. You can use this to great effect in a bathroom to establish a Zen-like coziness and is perfect for making dining areas and living rooms fill more spacious even if it is filled with people.

Multi-Adaptive Material

Concrete was never boring to begin with because its inherent nature to be molded and shaped into any form or size already gives it a superior advantage over other construction materials.  And now because of staining, coloring and stamping methods, you can create something truly unique and inspiring for your home’s concrete flooring.  Stain your floors using a high gloss to make it super sleek or accent it to provide contrast and a personality.

Concrete Floors are Easy to Clean

What more can you ask for in a building material than ease of maintenance? Your concrete floors will be exactly like that. The natural grey color of concrete masks dust and its smooth surface always makes it look clean. Concrete stains can hide tracks from dirty paws or shoes. All you need to clean concrete floors is simple soap and water.

Currently, the most common place you’ll find decorative concrete is under your feet. Whether it’s acid-stained, painted, created with overlays, stencils, radiant floors, you’re your unique personal floor, concrete floors offer design and functionality unlike any other material. Concrete flooring, often referred to as cement flooring, does not need to be boring and gray. Modern techniques can bring new life to this traditional substrate. Concrete can be designed to blend seamlessly with other elements in a room. These techniques can be achieved to the extent that oftentimes, many don’t even realize it’s a concrete floor they’re standing on it!

We invite you to discover how concrete flooring can be utilized in your next project. Concrete floors are easy to clean and maintain, a good alternative to carpet if your loved ones have allergies, strong enough to withstand the most harsh use, and can be designed to your specifications.

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