Since their introduction in the 1980s, concrete stencils became all the rage as they quickly and efficiently replicated the look of hand-laid brick over a newly poured concrete surface. In those days only one stencil pattern was available but today there is an endless array of patterns for you to choose from ranging from brick, tile, cobblestone, slate and flagstone to customized concrete stencils that create the look of lush looking carpets for your floors.

Concrete  Stencils Are Excellent Alternative to Stamping

Concrete stencils offer an excellent alternative to concrete stamping as stenciling is quicker to do and can be done using long-handed tools. The pattern comes courtesy of the stencils and the texturing is achieved using lightweight textured rollers. Unlike stamping, that requires you to go on the slab, check to see if it can bear your weight and then apply the stamp by hand, with stenciling there is no need for all of that. Depending on the weather, concrete may set in fairly quickly and there is a limited window for it to be textured adequately, concrete stencils solves that problem because the process can start as soon as the concrete is installed and may even be don before the concrete is good enough for the stamping process to start.

Great for Large Areas

Since concrete stencils can be applied quickly, it is recommended to use in large areas. Large concrete pours negate the necessity for cold joints or the need to use construction joints between slabs, which further reduces any possible color differences between two separately poured slabs.  Areas such as your driveway or those located in a steep incline work best with concrete stencils.

Ever since concrete floors overtook wood, tile and rugs as the better alternative to flooring, it has spawned many methods to make the floors look striking and functional at the same time. Concrete stenciling offers an array of techniques that add depth and richness to the overall design, look and feel of your concrete floors. Let Lowell Russell Concrete help you achieve the best stenciled floor for your home.