There is no better material out there today that features unparalleled durability, adaptability and overall cost-effectiveness than concrete. This is the reason why concrete countertops are making waves in just about anything related to interior design. Concrete countertops can transform your kitchen from drab to fab through the application of coloring and staining methods. It is a sure fire way to infuse your home with a rustic but modern look that is not only trendy but clean at the same time.

Concrete countertops can be customized into any shape in order to fit any kitchen configuration. No matter how big or small your space is, we can create a countertop perfect for you. Concrete is also very resistant to scratching and is not affected by heat. It is easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is ensure that regular sealing is done.

Since most concrete countertops are made from scratch, there are a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to the finish. You can get mirror-smooth or stone-like textures depending on your preference. In some instances, the surface of the form itself becomes the finish, as the texture is replicated in the concrete itself.  Troweling the concrete surface can create original hand-made textural effects while polishing or sanding the concrete after it has been cast can result in an ultra-smooth and perfect surface. Polishing methods may also be done in order to expose the aggregate, stone or glass within in order to establish the terrazzo look.

Countertops Polished or Sanded Look

Lowell Russell Concrete can create a smooth and flawless finish for your concrete countertops. The gloss level can be anywhere from low-luster to super-shiny depending on the extent of polishing after the concrete has been cast. An ultra-smooth polished surface is achievable if the countertop is cast in one piece in order to remove any seam.

Marbleized or Veined Look

Want to make your concrete countertop look like expensive granite or marble? No sweat. Lowell Russell concrete can create this unique look on your concrete countertops.  This can be done using specialized concrete mixes that can create that distinctive veining effect when it is cast. It can also be done using contrasting colors when hand packing the concrete into the form. A veined finish may be achieved through casting voids into the concrete itself and then filling them at a later time using colored grout. In order to create the one-of-a-kind look of natural stone, the concrete is cast in a fundamental color and then acid stain is applied in layers to the top surface.

Concrete Countertops With Wood-Grained Look

Through the method called board forming, which calls for casting the concrete in forms that are lined with actual wood planks or wood-grained form liners. The inherent roughness present in the unfinished wood can create that unique wood-grain texture on the surface.  You can achieve the most authentic look if the edges feature the wood-grained texture or use strips of wood lath along the edges to create the look during the casting process.

Exposed Aggregate Look

If you want something unique and dramatic then an exposed aggregate look is the best finish for your concrete countertop. This is achieved by embedding the concrete mixture with a blend of colored stone and glass. Once the countertop is cast, a grinder over the surface of the concrete will expose the aggregate in order to give it that stone like shine.  Aside from decorative stone or glass we can use bits of marble, seashells and even broken tiles.  To make the exposed aggregate standout, a contrasting color will be using bits of white marble for a charcoal-gray concrete countertop.

Hand-Troweled Look

If you want to achieve a mix of textural effects, hand troweling the countertop surface as opposed to casting it from a form will do the job perfectly.  The finished product creates a natural stone like appearance due mostly to the presence of more variegation and better textural depth.  Commercial edge liners with textures that look like chiseled stone can establish the roughened stone-like look along the edges of the countertop.

Let Lowell Russell Concrete help you create the best concrete countertops to suit your home.