Whether straight, round, steep or stretched, Lowell Russell Concrete can create high quality, cost effective concrete steps that do more than just make a path to your front door. Create an entrance to your home or business that makes the walk up both impressive and inviting. We know that your project is unique, challenging and important; because of that, we would like to offer our help. Please contact a professional from Lowell Russell Concrete, based in Lakeville, Minnesota, to find out how our services can assist you in making your concrete steps reflect your style.

There is no doubt that steps are considered the most prominent feature of any entryway be it in homes or commercial establishments.  However, they are mostly neglected in favor of their utilitarian usage.  By transforming your concrete steps from drab to fab you can create a dramatic focal point to the entryway of your home. You can even achieve better visual impact through the combination of decorative concrete like stamped or stained methods to your concrete walkways to make them standout.

Concrete Steps – Ease of Installation

Concrete steps may be conveniently poured along with your entryway and therefore may be colored and textured to match. There is also an option to order precast concrete steps and stairs if you so require. If you already know where they are required, the steps can be constructed off-site and installed later as needed.

Concrete steps may be molded, textured and colored in order to fit the design of your entryway. Concrete steps may be stamped and colored in order for it to mimic stone, wood, brick and other materials. A popular option is concrete steps that feature an exposed aggregate finish due their fine aesthetic features and non-slip surface.

Excellent Durability

Concrete is popular due to its inherent versatility and durability. The same can be told of concrete steps for your home. There is little or very low maintenance requirements for this and as such make it a popular choice over wood. Concrete will not splinter, fade, warp or rot. In order to keep your concrete steps looking brand new, all you have to do is reapply concrete sealer from time to time.

Selecting a Color Scheme

The methods used for exterior concrete flatwork are similar and suitable for steps. Some of the most popular include: staining, integral color and the application of a dry-shake color hardener. A combination of these methods is sometimes used in order to establish the distinct color variations and marbling effects. For stamped concrete, color hardener and integral color are used extensively. As a rule, stairways are more convenient to color due to the vertical step they face. However, if you prefer an added color richness and durability the dry shake method may be used to great effect.

Selecting a Pattern

You can pick from hundreds of different stamped patterns ranging from cobblestone, to brick and even slate. There are also plant and wildlife themes if you want them. Through the extension of the pattern from sidewalk to stairway to landing, you can create an effect that is overall quite impressive to look and appreciate.

Let Lowell Russell Concrete help you achieve the beauty of concrete steps in your home.

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