Walkways and sidewalks not only serve a practical function of allowing guests a path to the house but also evoke a sense of beauty and drama to the property if done right. Concrete is one of the most versatile materials around and it can literally be made to look like any natural stone available to man at a fraction of the cost.  Concrete sidewalks and walkways can conjure a romantic moment, a prelude to what lies at the end of the path. It can trigger the imagination of anyone passing through on his or her way to the door.

Stamped Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

This decorative concrete method is one of the most popular surface treatments for your concrete walkways and sidewalks and there is good reason for this because there is an almost endless array of pattern choices for you to choose from. You can get something traditional like slate, flagstone or brick or you can also get customized patterns like wood planking and even patterns inspired from nature or wildlife themes. The patterns and colors may be selected in order to gel with other existing hardscaping elements in the property. There is also an option to mix and match your decorative concrete options such as using stamped concrete with exposed aggregate finishes and even chemical staining to get that added effect.

Stenciled Concrete Walkways

A good alternative to stamping is stenciled concrete. This is perfect for your concrete walkways and sidewalks as it allows you a sense of design of design flexibility.  Stenciling utilizes disposable paper stencils in order to impart the image of brick or stone patterns onto the freshly laid concrete. The use of a dry-shake color hardener to the exposed concrete prior to stencil removal lets you achieve the look of individual stones or bricks that seemed to be mortared together. This achieves a more realistic and natural look to your walkways and sidewalks. The stencils like stamped patterns also come in a number of different forms ranging from running-bond brick to tile, slate and stone.

Exposed Aggregate Finishes

Perfect for sidewalks that often integrate this color rich pebble-like finish and allows not only a beautiful look to the area but also provides an excellent non-slip walking surface for you and your family. By exposing the aggregate, you achieve amazing decorative effects at a low cost as no other materials are used other than what is already in the concrete aggregate.  You can get dramatic results by enhancing the colors and textures by using stones that feature contrasting color motifs or blending sections of smooth and exposed aggregate.