Your concrete patio should be open and inviting. At Lowell Russell Concrete we can assist you in making your patio space be both. Your ideas and our know-how can create a space great for entertaining guests and also your sanctuary from the stresses of your life. We know that your project is unique, challenging and important; because of that, we would like to offer our help. Please contact a professional from Lowell Russell Concrete, a Minnesota based family owned business, to find out how our services can to create a patio where you can enjoy what you have helped to create.

No home is complete without a patio in the backyard. Patios are embedded deeply into the American way of life, as this area of the home is where you enjoy your weekend barbecues and entertaining friends and family. As such, you want to have the best material for this part of your home. In the past, wood decks became popular due to the drab nature of concrete. However, homeowners who installed wood decks ended up replacing them as they often rotted or warped. Today, concrete is no longer the drab material it used to be as it can now mimic any natural stone or brick and even wood without the obvious shortcomings and cost these materials often incur.

Versatile Concrete Patios

Create versatile patios using concrete as your material of choice. It’s inherent adaptability means yours can be unique and never look like any other in your neighborhood.  The application of advanced coloring methods and stamping tools can make your concrete patio more sophisticated than ever before.  Concrete is a material that is easy to form into any shape imaginable. This gives you the freedom to create a patio that can accommodate the restrictions of your backyard space or if you prefer, the integration of luscious curves. Using stains and other coloring techniques, we can create almost any color you can think of. Regardless if you want something to match the stone façade of your home or something that blends nicely with your natural landscaping.

Robust Concrete Patios

Aside from its innate versatility you also get to enjoy the robustness of concrete with its ability to withstand almost any weather condition regardless of where you are in the country.  Concrete features excellent resistance against fire, cold and wet weather conditions. It will never rot, warp or fade.  Concrete has the potential to last decades with only minimal maintenance needed.

Ease of Maintenance

Compared to other building materials like masonry paving units or natural stone, concrete is a breeze to maintain because of its solid surface.  Paving stones feature sand-filled joints where grass and weed can grow. On top of that, pavers can have uneven settling resulting in possible accidents. Wood on the other hand requires staining and resealing year after year and let’s not forget to mention, the potential for termite infestation, rot and splinters. All of these issues, you do not have to deal with on your concrete patio.

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