The driveway tells a lot about who you are as a homeowner and a neighbor. The driveway serves as the red carpet for you and your visitors and as such should look the best in every way possible. Lowell Russell Concrete understands that. We can create a high quality concrete driveway that is not only functional but visually appealing.  Among the different construction materials, nothing shows better all-around purposefulness than concrete. It provides excellent appearance, low maintenance and a price that is truly value for money.  Concrete has been providing headache-free service to homeowners for a very long time. It is an enduring material that can last 30 years without any major rehabilitation work. From the curb to your garage, a beautifully installed concrete driveway not only can provide the visual satisfaction you need but also an enduring quality and value to your home as well. Please contact a professional from Lowell Russell Concrete to find out how our services can to create a driveway that is unique, artistic and above all durable…even in Minnesota’s extreme weather.

Concrete Driveway – All-Around Adaptability

Concrete for your driveway is not only functional but also lends itself to an array of design possibilities to make your home truly spectacular.  Modern concrete methods can create a dramatic effect to you landscape and increase your property value immensely. Aside from the traditional look, concrete’s decorative nature can give your driveway the look and feel of brick, stone, slate and tile.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Lowell Russell Concrete can create stamped concrete driveways for you. With stamps, we can create a cost effective material that looks exactly like precious cobblestone, slate, fieldstone and brick. Also, our stamped concrete driveway can be poured or pumped into place without having to carry and install individual units such as what you would expect from precast pavers and stone.  This saves you a lot of time and money.  Going beyond the endless selection of patterns and textures at your disposal, our coloring methods such as staining, integral color and powdered segments can truly create an authentic look to your concrete driveway.  We can also customize the color of your driveway so it would perfectly match the landscape and motif of your home.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Staining offers a cost effective and highly adaptable means of upgrading the look and feel of both old and new concrete driveways. The stain may be applied by hand once the concrete has set which also gives us the chance to add subtle or bolder hints of color based on your preference.  Choose from acid-based chemical or water based stains. Acid has the ability to penetrate and chemically react with the concrete in order to create natural color variants limited to earth tones, tans and soft blue green hues that establish character and a distinct mottling appearance. Water based stains on the other hand give you the full spectrum of colors at your disposal.

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