Architectural Concrete – Only limited by imagination

The Verdict is in; Architectural concrete has become nearly limitless in both design and beauty, and is undoubtedly among the most versatile building materials being used today.

Concrete can be colored, antiqued, shaped or molded. This allows one material to take many forms and look like almost any material imaginable. Properly finished, concrete can last longer than most other building materials it was designed to imitate.

Because of its versatility, concrete will not only add strength but beauty to any project. Architectural concrete opens the doors to countless possibilities for your home or business.

Architectural concrete, as a low-cost alternative, presents homeowners with significant savings for large areas, such as driveways and patios, as well as steps, walkways and pools. Not only is concrete less expensive, but the decorative designs, borders and colors possible with architectural concrete will enhance your home and add to its value.

Find a picture, create an idea, build a dream, and enjoy for years to come.

Stamped Concrete (Imprinted/Textured)

Stamped Concrete designs offer the unique patterns that can be used alone or in combination with borders, coloring, texturing, artistic cuts, and plain concrete to create original and personalized designs. Stamped Imprints offer more variety with better defined patterns than Rolled Imprints. This is because Rolled Imprints are less labor intensive, but patterns are not as deep or defined.