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With nicer weather upon us and the itch to be outside after the long, harsh winter, let your mind wander to the lazy days of summer! Think scorching hot rays of the sun, an even tan, and cooling off in the swimming pool. Sounds awesome, uplifting and a real treat, right? Have you thought about installing your own pool, or do you currently have a pool that is beginning to look a little weathered and needs some attention? Now is the time to think this project through, whether you need repairs or wish to begin the planning process to build your own pool. Contact the professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete for inspiring ideas, designs, and shapes for your concrete pool.

Concrete swimming pools have a great advantage when compared to other types of pools such as fiberglass or vinyl lined pools. Vinyl lined pools have been shown to be less durable, and the risk of tears, stains, and leaks is much higher when compared to concrete. Concrete pools can be customized and feature additional amenities such as waterfalls if desired. The shapes and designs are endless, depending on your wants, needs, and desires. Another enhancement for added attraction is to line the pool with tiles, thus adding a unique, eye-catching look.

Regardless of whether you already have a pool or are thinking of installing one, proper upkeep and repair is a necessity. A pool that is properly winterized can be readied for the summer months relatively easily and will last for many, many years.

A backyard oasis can be yours by installing not only a pool, but a patio and serene surroundings as well. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a spa or a pool and pool house to entertain your guests. Perhaps a grotto, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen is on your bucket list. All of this can be accomplished with a little creative planning!

Contact the professional team at Lowell Russell Concrete today to discuss and plan your concrete pool, patio, and other items to create your own backyard oasis. Like the saying says, “Relax and take in the abundance of life.” – Author Unknown.