Ah, finally – PATIO WEATHER! We’ve waited EXTRA long for it this year in Minnesota, and now that it’s here, we should enjoy it to the fullest! Here are seven of our favorite things to do outside on the patio…what are some of yours?

1) Enjoy Your Morning Coffee. Pour a hot, steaming cup of coffee, fix it just the way you like it, and then head outside to the patio. Nestle into your favorite lawn chair and let yourself be bathed in the mix of cool morning breezes and warm rising sun. This is especially nice to do on the weekend, but even on a weekday, you’ll be amazed at how much better your days go.

2) Unwind after the workday. You return home from a day at the office, and soon it will be time to start your evening chores. But for right now, loosen your collar, head on out to the patio, and relax with a cool beverage as the evening shadows start to lengthen. What a great way to decompress after the day.

3) Watch the birds. Put up a feeder within view of the patio, and as you lounge on your patio furniture, watch in silent content as a dazzling array of colorful song birds arrive and depart from the feeder.

4) Break Time. You’ve just finished mowing the grass in heat of the summer sun. There’s plenty more tasks to get done, but for right now, turn to your trusty patio and take a break. Find a chair in the cooling shade, slake your thirst with an ice cold glass of fresh lemonade, and relax a bit before resuming your chores.

5) Grill. Okay, this is a no-brainer, but is there any better aroma that screams “SUMMER!!” than your favorite food being seared on the grill? Burgers, brats, chicken, fish, or even just veggies- the wonderful smells and tastes of grilling out on the patio are just awesome and we all know it!

6) Host a party. Take the grill, a cooler of cold drinks, a table, some chairs, a mix of great food, add some friends and…BAM!…you’ve got an awesome patio party! A great way to relax with friends or get to know your neighbors a little better.

Enjoy the Fact that you don’t have to apply sealant this year. Okay, so this one is a shameless plug for the easy care and durability of concrete, but you know what? It’s true! Most of these activities can be done on a wooden deck too, but at some point this summer, you’re going to have shut it all down, pressure clean the wood, fix or replace damaged boards, and treat it with a sealant to protect it from nature’s wrath. And if you like to grill, well, wood and fire don’t mix well, and any spills can soak into the wood and leave permanent and unsightly stains, grease spots and residue. But if you’ve got a concrete patio, the maintenance needs are drastically reduced, clean-up is a breeze, which allows you to just keep having fun out back on your patio! For more concrete ideas visit us at Lowell Russell Concrete.