This post is for those who wish to make an impression upon others!

Imprinted concrete, also referred to as stamped, textured or patterned concrete, gives the ability to personalize and enhance your interior and exterior concrete surfaces. You can choose from hundreds of existing patterns or create your own unique design!

Do you have a favorite symbol or emblem, such as Fleur-de-Lis, a trinity knot, or a lotus flower? Or perhaps you wish to create an environment that imitates a specific type of material such as marble, granite, wood or tile? At Russell Lowell Concrete, we can incorporate your preferences into your interior or exterior structural designs.

Here are some general ideas:

  • Mix it up. Choose from several complementary patterns and strategically place them in a repeating or random design on your floors or patio for visual interest.
  • Give yourself an edge. Decorative patterned edging around walkways and patios can distinguish the common surface areas from your garden and provide a finished look to your exterior structures.
  • Texturize your surface. Give your floors the appearance of hardwood, your pool the look of a Romanesque pool, your countertops the sophistication of granite, or your fireplace mantel the elegance of marble.

And here are few more specific ideas:

  • If you have a family crest, proudly display it on your front door step.
  • Take pride in your profession. If you are in the medical profession, incorporate a Caduceus into your design. If you are a mathematician or physicist, perhaps the Infinity symbol appeals to you.
  • Honor your faith. Integrate an Ichthys, a Celtic Cross or the Star of David into your home structures.
  • Highlight your hobby. Are you an avid gardener, a sports enthusiast, or lobbyist?  Incorporate your favorite flower, sport or political affiliation into your design.

So go on, define your style, and let Lowell Russell Concrete make a lasting impression!