Lowell Russell Concrete provides stamped concrete patios in Lakeville, MN and surrounding areas

Spring is just a few days away, or so the calendar states. Many are beginning to get Spring Fever and hoping to get outside, roll up their sleeves, and start cleaning up after our harsh Midwest winter. With spring in the air, the construction business will begin to ramp up as well. The visualization of planting some flowers and a garden, cleaning up the yard, and walking with our galoshes to make splashes and sloshes sounds quite appealing. With spring thinking, perhaps a new or updated patio is also on your list of jobs to be done. Lowell Russell Concrete can help you fulfill your dream of getting into the “spring” of things with stamped concrete patios in Lakeville, MN.

Stamped concrete is becoming more and more popular in today’s market. A stamped concrete patio gives you the look of a stone patio for a lot less than pavers or other options. Pavers can be much more labor intense and time consuming, whereas stamped concrete requires less maintenance with a simple coat of clear sealer every few years. The biggest advantage of stamped concrete is its versatility, plus there’s no worry about tripping hazards as it is one continuous slab of concrete. Because the pattern is stamped into the concrete the “stones” won’t settle over time or create uneven surfaces. Grass and weeds will not sprout between the stones as there is no grout, joints, or filler for the weeds to sneak through.

With the look to mimic brick, cobblestones, or cracked earth, stamped concrete is sure to fit in with your entertaining décor. Different patterns, shapes, and textures are readily available in many different colors to give your patio the look you desire and become the inviting retreat for yourself and your guests.
If you already have a concrete patio that is in good shape, you can add a stamped finish to achieve the look you desire. Remember, though, that you will be raising the height of the old slab, so you will want to be certain the new surface doesn’t interfere with things like existing steps and foundation walls.

“Spring” ahead and contact Lowell Russell Concrete today to have one of our trained professionals take a look and give you an estimate. It is never too early to begin plans for a new project to upgrade your home’s value and appearance, and a stamped concrete patio will do just that. Give us a call today to speak with one of our trained professionals and let us help you “spring” into the summer season with a new stamped concrete patio!