Minnessota Concrete, Stained Concrete Maintenance Tips

You’ve been enjoying the beautiful stained concrete of your backyard patio or pool area for several years. After all, it’s the perfect place for you to enjoy your morning coffee, unwind after a long day, or throw a cookout and entertain friends on weekends. But, perhaps lately you’ve been noticing that it has lost some of its sheen and that water doesn’t bead up on the surface like it used to. If that’s the case, this is a great time to consider concrete resealing for your stained concrete.minnestota concrete blog, stained concrete, lowell russell concrete

Properly sealed stained concrete will help protect your investment and withstand extremes in weather and temperature much better than concrete that hasn’t been resealed in a long time. Benefits of resealing include protection from fading caused by UV rays, an improved appearance, plus protection from stains, moisture, deicing salts and other chemicals.

Industry experts generally recommend that resealing should be done every two or three years or as needed. Stained concrete that’s exposed to full sunlight on a consistent basis will need to be resealed more often than those surfaces that are shaded all or part of the time. Once you’ve made the decision to reseal your stained concrete, you have two choices: Should you hire a concrete company to perform the task, or should you tackle the project yourself?

Although resealing your stained concrete may appear to be an easy DIY task, there are a number of maintenance issues you should review before simply applying a sealant sold at a big box store. Are there any cracks in the concrete that require more than a sealant to repair? How about food or beverage stains or possible discoloration from salt applications? These will need to be carefully addressed and thoroughly cleaned away utilizing the proper cleaning chemicals and washing techniques. Is there a particular sealant that will work best for your concrete due to its exposure to sun, rain, or types of trees or plants that drop seeds or fruits that stain and blemish the concrete? Once this is all properly assessed the area is ready to receive a fresh new coat of protective sealant.

If you feel this is even the slightest bit beyond your DIY capabilities, please give us at Lowell Russell Concrete a call. After all, we specialize in concrete, and caring for your existing concrete surfaces is one of our services. We will gladly inspect your concrete surface and provide you with our professional opinion and an estimate of what needs to be done to prepare the surface for sealing, the best product for your particular concrete outdoor living space, and the sealing work itself. Let the professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete help you protect your outdoor investment so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the enhanced look and beauty of your newly resealed concrete!