Wait…wait…yes…it’s coming…it’s bubbling up…impossible to stop…here IT COMES….


Okay, sorry about that, but it’s just that time. Sure, it may be a while before it starts to LOOK like spring, but it is here – the snow is finally melting away, the sun is warmer and higher in the sky, the birds are making their way home from Mexico, and, in just a few weeks, they’ll be building new nests and sprucing the place up.

Most people feel that way too. As the snow melts and slowly reveals that old and worn patio, we start getting ideas like “Wouldn’t it be GREAT if we had a new patio?“ Or “Hey, I know! A Pool!” Or maybe your dreams are continually dashed by the dreaded reality “Darn it, every year when the snow melts I keep hoping those ugly front steps will be gone, but every year they’re still there…guess I’ll have to do something myself!”

There are a lot of fun things to build this summer, and it’s time to start planning. Lowell Russell Concrete would love to help you replace your worn and outdated patio area or steps with one of our many unique, colorful and exceptionally functional designs.

If you are in a practical mood, it might be the year to think about a new driveway or front walkway. After all, these are the first areas that both you and your visitors see when arriving at your house. If you’ve read our blog before, you know that we can stamp, mold, or etch concrete in a wide variety of patterns in an array of colors sure to fit and personalize your outdoor environment.

But if your thoughts are running more toward the back yard, we can help you do a LOT out there as well! Patios, seating areas, pools, outdoor fireplaces, decorative walkways…the list goes on and on.

Here’s an idea; go take a look at some of the different pictures on our site and then let your imagination go to work to create an outdoor environment that will compliment your home and life style. And don’t worry about the “what ifs?” because the great thing about concrete is if you can dream it, we can probably create it!  So have fun…it’s Spring!