Is your driveway starting to look like an old, well-used and abused jigsaw puzzle? Are there cracks and gaps snaking through the slabs making them appear like a dropped egg? How about wear and tear around the edges in the form or deep chips and slivered chunks?  Sounds like you may be in need of a new driveway!

As far as home maintenance priorities go, you may have placed remodeling your kitchen or bathroom higher on the list than repaving your driveway. A stained and chipped bathtub is a constant ugly reminder, but as long as your car doesn’t sink into oblivion there’s no problem, right? But, alas, after years of use and environmental abuse there comes a time when driveway maintenance and replacement must be done.

Have you had enough “fun” shoveling your cracked driveway? As your shovel slides across the buried pavement you encounter a hidden crack; your shovel digs into the crack or snags the elevated lip and immediately, forcefully stops. You feel the resounding impact up your arms, through your shoulders, and down your back. Ouch!

After struggling through a winter of back cracking torture spring finally arrives and reveals the wonders winter has wrought, such as cracks that have widened and crept into new spots. You may also observe that shovelfuls of snow that you thought were suspiciously heavy actually contained large chunks of your driveway. As the snow melts away these wayward hunks now decorate your lawn like a miniature rendition of Stonehenge. Face it – it’s time for a new driveway!

Once you’ve resigned yourself to replacing your driveway, consider the long-term value of concrete paving:

  • Durability – Concrete has a longer life expectancy than other pavement materials, and can hold greater weight-bearing loads.
  • Traction – Surface texturizing during construction can enable your vehicle to get a better grip on the paved surface and greater safety for pedestrians.
  • Rigidity – did you know that concrete actually grows stronger over time? After the first month, your driveway will gain 10% strength during its lifetime.
  • Maintenance – Due to its durability, the need for repairs is minimal. However, if you do find yourself in need of repairs or maintenance, they are typically less extensive than asphalt and other paving surfaces
  • Cost – Again, due to its durability and low maintenance costs, concrete pavement is a sound long-term investment.
  • Environmentally friendly – Concrete can be recycled and used in a new driveway or other surface.

So, if you have to pave or replace, think concrete, and call Lowell Russell Concrete to discuss your wants and needs. Lowell Russell Concrete will do it right the first time, provide outstanding options and services, and materials that can save you both time and money in the future.