Lowell Russell offers concrete engineered systems that allow for attractive and unique concrete design in homes and businesses, including interior and exterior applications, staining, stenciling and imprinting of concrete.

By keeping costs down without skimping on style, interior concrete can add ageless class to your home or business with countless design options available. Nearly any texture or design can be combined with a growing array of colors and styles to make your business or home as unique as you. From traditional designs to customized themes, interior concrete can be cast to fit your budget and creative desires.

Concrete flooring is attractive, strong, and perfect for design applications of all kinds in any home. With the new and decorative design options available with concrete flooring (often referred to as cement flooring), anything from a traditional grey floor to an ornate pattern or logo is possible. Limitless design, durability, and affordability make interior concrete flooring ideal for your building or renovation project.

Concrete is the new material of choice in homes and businesses for countertops. A concrete countertop is exceptionally durable and stylish, and with the different options for texture and color it’s easy to see why homes and businesses all over the country are using concrete. Other forms or countertop materials such as marble, granite, and limestone can be recreated using concrete at a lower cost.

Because of the ability to mold concrete into any form, concrete tables are becoming much more popular. From conference tables to bedside tables, the styles afforded by using concrete can now add unique architectural designs to your home or business. With concretes amazing ability to shaped, colored and textured, the only limit to what can be created utilizing concrete is your imagination!

To explore the unlimited possibilities of interior concrete for your home or business, contact Lowell Russell Concrete and let us help you go from design dream to concrete reality!