The world of concrete is evolving in lock step with the popular and regulatory shifts favoring the use of environmentally friendly building materials. This means the concrete industry is becoming increasingly green by supplying sustainable, recyclable, durable, economical, energy efficient building supplies. Homeowners economize with concrete two ways: via low upfront materials costs, and with every month’s power bill, thanks to the capacity for interior concrete and decorative cement to either raise or lower ambient temperatures as conditions require.

In warm climates or seasons, concrete can remain cooler than its environment, reducing the consumption of electricity to power conditioning; conversely, concrete can absorb solar radiation and retain heat, or be embedded with cost effective radiant heating coils.

Interior concrete and decorative cement suppliers and service providers are working closely with interior designers and developing new trends in home décor. The results are spectacular. Contemporary interior concrete combines the power and grace of sculpted stone with a full palette of colors for your floors, wall tiles, countertops, sinks, fireplaces, tables and chairs.

Still, concrete’s green characteristics are just as important as its aesthetic appeal. Today’s concrete incorporates sustainable as well as recycled materials. Slag cement, fly ash and various products generated by power plants and manufacturing facilities can be blended safely into concrete, while the addition of recycled materials such as crushed glass, bits of metal and stone chips can create eye-catching visual effects.

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