If you’ve been following our blog, you’re probably saying “Okay, I get it! Concrete is art. I now know that concrete is NOT just something to walk or drive on, that it goes way beyond parking garages and city sidewalks and can be used for kitchen floors, countertops, pool area patios, decorative driveways and front steps. I can use concrete to realize my visions for a new mantel piece, nightstand, or outdoor dining area. What else is there to know about concrete?” Well, you might be surprised!

While reading along you may have found yourself repeating our marvelous mixed material mantra: “Concrete is FLEXIBLE.” And it is – concrete can be poured in a variety of styles and shapes and stained in an almost endless palette of colors. In fact, not only can it can be stained, it can be stamped and stenciled, offering the home or business owner an almost unlimited number of choices and creative combinations. Even custom work is possible. For example, a business owner can have their company’s logo colorfully stamped into the floor of the building’s entryway or as a vibrant multicolored backdrop behind the reception area.

You’ve also learned that concrete structures are built to last and are easy to clean and care for. Exterior concrete designs and structures need to be sealed only once every few years, and that sure beats the annual cleaning and staining a wooden deck requires!

Yes, if you’ve been reading along, you know all this, so here’s something NEW to try – instead of just reading about how versatile concrete is, why not try doing a bit of design experimenting on your own? Follow this link to our CONCRETE DESIGNER at https://www.staincrete.com/concrete-designer.php. where you can choose to experiment with either INTERIOR or EXTEROR designs. Click one of the links and give it a few minutes to load – a lot of choices take a bit of time, even with broadband!

Once you’re there, follow the instructions and have fun! Get creative with designs for driveways, patios, pool areas, or different interior floors. Choose from different patterns, edging treatments, and colors. It’s a lot of fun and remember, these are only a few of the possible combinations that you can put together to make your home look extraordinary!