Does the words “creative” and “concrete” seem counter-intuitive and paradoxical when used in the same sentence? If they do, please read on!

First, make a list of all of the ways concrete can be used. Did you come up with highways, driveways, sidewalks and stairs? In other words, did you come up with surfaces you can drive or walk on? These are all common uses of concrete, the importance of which should not be underestimated. After all, who wants to walk on a muddy pathway or drive across a rickety bridge made out of planks?

Now, think of concrete surfaces that you cannot drive or walk on. Can’t think of anything? Okay, how about surfaces you can place things on, like countertops, tables and shelves. These didn’t come to mind either? They should, because there are so many more uses for concrete than what many people ever thought possible!

Envision a kitchen countertop crafted out of concrete that looks like granite or tile, but doesn’t chip or crack. Imagine your next board meeting held around a concrete conference table that appears to be crafted of beautifully polished wood. The perfect match of durability and elegance that is naturally impervious to the stains, blemishes and discoloration that would ruin a wood table! Think of a marble fireplace mantel, leather-topped end tables or solid oak decorative shelving – all made out of concrete!

The uses of concrete are infinite, and Lowell Russell Concrete strives to create the most functional designs and creations imaginable. Factor in color, custom design, texturing and imprinting and you have a lasting and personalized piece of artwork.

Lowell Russell Concrete can create a unique piece or interior theme for you through our innovative and scientific use of concrete staining, personalized imprinting, decorative framing and edgework. We can design and create an application specifically to fit your needs, or take your design and craft the item or construct the space you desire.

When you think “concrete,” think outside of the box..think Lowell Russell Concrete!