At Lowell Russell Concrete we’re always dreaming in color, especially when it comes to decorative concrete, and we can make our dreams your reality!

No longer does concrete need to be displayed in drab and humdrum variations of gray, light gray and dark gray. With 24 primary colors to choose from, and countless color combinations of each, Lowell Russell Concrete can bring vibrant colors and beauty into your home through custom stained concrete. Stains can also be applied to resemble other surfaces and materials, such as natural stone, tile, marble, wood, or even leather.

Close your eyes…visualize the concrete around your pool as festive mosaic tiles, your fireplace mantle as stunning polished marble, your floors a richly textured hardwood, or your countertops to look like solid gleaming granite. We can quickly and easily help you achieve these appearances both inside your home and surrounding property.

You may ask, why imitate a substance when you could simply use actual tile, marble or wood? The answer is quite simple; concrete lasts longer while achieving the same effect. And, even better, if the concrete is already in place, you don’t have to go to the trouble and expense to rip it out and replace it with a different material.

How does staining work? Lowell and Russell Concrete uses a process called “Chemstaining,” which is an acidic stain that chemically reacts with cured concrete. This process can be applied to newly poured or existing concrete, and through this method, permanent, variegated or translucent effects can be fashioned into your interior and exterior concrete structures.

How long does the color last? Unlike a painted surface, stained concrete will hold the color as long as the concrete itself lasts, won’t fade as quickly when exposed to sunlight, or require constant maintenance and repainting as the years go by.

Give you home a facelift! If you want to refresh the look of your home today without completely remodeling your surfaces, give us a call. To get some ideas on how you can enhance your home visit our photo gallery.