Using the flexible modern design possibilities of old-fashioned concrete is one of the most innovative modern construction techniques. Today’s decorative concrete technology can produce results that are at once amazingly beautiful, completely practical and surprisingly inexpensive.

Home and business owners are no longer limited to the familiar dull gray “concrete” look, because concrete can be stained in a variety of durable and attractive colors and finishes. Decorative concrete mimics the appearance of costly tile, marble or granite, as well as slate and even wood.

Colors can be chosen to match the color scheme of a home, and geometric patterns can be stamped into the concrete. Designs can stenciled on concrete, lending a designer touch to an otherwise utilitarian product. And glass embedded in the concrete during construction yields an interesting effect. Applying a high polish to the concrete will give the same mirror finish as marble or granite.

Decorative concrete is a handsome and long-lasting choice for the new driveway, sidewalk, patio, pool deck or entryway. Consider impressing either natural or geometric designs on a fireplace mantel or surround.

Countertops designed of stamped or colored decorative concrete are useful in the kitchen, bathroom or bar, but are especially popular for use on patios. Weather resistant for years, decorative concrete will create a stunning patio counter and can color coordinate with the surface of the patio. Concrete patio furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years. Maintenance of the concrete patio is a breeze, requiring occasional washing and resealing every few years.

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