There are three main ingredients to a successful backyard BBQ – friends, food and ambiance. We can’t help you with the friends or the food (although we would certainly appreciate an invitation!), but we can help you with the ambiance. In fact, even if you have just a few friends over or the hot dogs get a bit burned, you can still leave your guests with a favorable impression that will keep them talking for weeks to come.

It all comes down to the beautiful presentation that can be created in your outdoor environment by using decorative concrete. Think walkways and patios; one attractively leads the way to your event and the other brilliantly showcases it.


Pave your path to success. One of the first things your guests will see is the walkway leading to your party. Make it memorable! By using textured or imprinted concrete you can create the illusion of stone, while adding edging along the sides can give it a distinctive look. Design the walkway to  wind and meander through your gardens to highlight your flowing garden blooms from the best angles, and as the walkway nears your patio consider adding color to make it “pop” to set the stage for your main event.


Create a focal point for your party by designing an open, airy space to welcome and comfort friends and family. A conversation pit or a fireplace will draw your guests to the center to socialize. A graduated-level patio invites folks to stroll about and provides them with various viewpoints of the yard. If space allows, combine of all three!

Using textured or imprinted concrete on your patio will further add to the feeling you would like to achieve; a rustic feel through a wooden texture, a modern look with smooth geometrical shapes, a poolside ambience with mosaic tile, or a personalized flair with a custom pattern.

Between creating the guest list and planning the menu, you’re going to be busy, and probably a little stressed. Lowell Russell Concrete is here to give you one less thing to worry about by designing and constructing the outdoor environment you dream of!