When most of us think of beautifying our home with exterior architectural concrete, we think of the warmer weather seasons of spring, summer and fall. After all, how could a company possibly pour, shape, stamp or mold concrete with a layer of snow covering the ground? Ah, you may be in for a surprise!

Architectural concrete is strong as well as versatile, and the exterior concrete designers at Lowell Russell Concrete can make your dreams come to life regardless of the season!

Lowell Russell is a full-service architectural concrete firm, offering ice and snow removal and ground preparation. Because concrete does not set as quickly in cold weather as compared to warm weather, the designers use a unique concrete blend that allows the concrete to set faster. They ensure that after the new concrete is poured and has cured, a protective layer is added to minimize the moisture that cold weather can bring about, thus preventing salt to penetrate into the surface.

The designers offer tips on how to care for your new surface, including how to safely and effectively combat ice and snow to not only preserve the beauty and life of the concrete but to prevent family and friends from slipping on falling on slippery surfaces.

 So why wait? Don’t let the cold weather be a deterrent to the enhancement of the exterior of your home. After the snow and ice melts and uncovers your new surroundings, and you can begin to enjoy them sooner than most, you’ll be glad you got a jump on spring! Call Lowell Russell Concrete to discuss your ideas today.