When it comes to design and decorating in the construction or refurbishment of a home, concrete is now a considered to be one of the best, most functional, and highly affordable “green” alternatives currently available. If sustainability and environmental impact are important factors in your building or home design plan, concrete should be the first material to investigate, as it will meet these criteria without sacrificing anything in the area of aesthetics, with many flexible applications for both interior concrete and exterior concrete.

Concrete’s usage as decorative flooring in a domestic environment has gained popularity with recent concern for sustainable materials. Used by the Romans in the construction of major edifices such as the Colosseum, concrete is a natural material which can be refined without the same substantial environmental impact or use of petroleum based substances. Concrete has excellent insulating properties, reducing costs and fuel usage as well.

Concrete is a sustainable material that involves no deforestation or devastating mining. It can meet decorating needs with modern staining, stenciling, and stamping techniques, and has unparalleled durability. Installation produces none of the toxic or allergenic substances that come along with carpeting. And it’s easier to keep clean, which is a feature that makes concrete attractive to those with allergies.

Though most commonly used as flooring material, polished concrete also makes functional and attractive counter tops. It’s also a good material for tabletops, as well as other furniture and decorative embellishments. Interior concrete can be finished in many ways, and fit with any interior design motif without calling attention to itself.

At Lowell Russell Concrete, Inc. in Minnesota we have an extensive portfolio of possibilities in the use of decorative concrete as an interior design feature. An extremely durable and sustainable material in the hands of an expert can bring a beautiful finish to an interior environment that has been thoughtfully designed. Please call us at 952-461-3710 or Request a Quote online.