Concrete. The  dictionary tells us the word means real, solid, firm, and dependable, and that It is a type of building material. All of this is true, but…well, basic and uninspiring. For us at Lowell Russell, concrete, like any other substance used by humankind, is also an artistic material and medium. Yes…you heard right: artistic!

Today, many folks only think of concrete as a sort of basic and utilitarian construction material simply used to create sidewalks, driveways, roads and parking ramps. For us though, that’s just the beginning. Sure, once it dries concrete is solid, tough and dependable, but while it is still wet and waiting to be formed, concrete is also pliable, mutable, and flexible.

Take countertops as just one example. Quarried granite is a popular choice for countertops, and it offers durability and a touch of luxury. But the buyer of the granite countertop is often limited to the narrow creativity, design and cutting abilities of the business which sells it.

Concrete, on the other hand, has almost limitless possibilities and potential. It can be stained, dried, sealed, mixed and sculpted to provide a vast range of visual possibilities. Take a look at our photo gallery for some examples. You’ll see that we are limited only by what you and our craftsman can dream up!

How does this make concrete flexible? Of all the building materials available, concrete provides the greatest options for creativity and function, which makes it a highly flexible product option! Color, texture, and shape are all completely at your command. Want to mimic marble? We can do that. Want a shape that isn’t standard? We can handle that too.  Are you looking for an edge to your counter top that harks back to the classical look of a Roman villa?  We can make that happen. Or perhaps your home décor calls out for a countertop with a roughhewn feel, something which calls the Adobe architecture of the Southwest to mind. Again…that’s possible.

In addition to shapes, we are also able to include an almost endless variety of ornamentation such as tracings or fine scroll patterns by using stamps and stains that help make your environment as individual as you are. With all the function and options concrete has to offer, it is one of the most solid yet flexible materials available!