Many people do not realize it, but there are several different types of concrete. Also, the way in which it is mixed and worked can be adjusted to mold the concrete in ways that achieve a variety of unique and beautiful results. Regular concrete has a strength of about 1,450 pounds per square inch, while high strength concrete can be mixed to reach strengths of at least 6,000 pounds per square inch.

Chemstaining is an amazing process whereby concrete can be altered through the use of acidic stains that chemically alter the concrete in such a way that it takes on a different appearance. Not only can chemstaining be used in order to alter the color of the concrete, it can actually be used in order to alter its translucence and to give it the appearance of having several different colors. As a result, concrete can actually take on a very attractive appearance. The technique can be used in order to give the concrete the appearance of a different material such as tile, stone, or even wood.

Stencils can then be used in order to carve the concrete into any two dimensional shape that somebody might hope for. This is great for corporate logos, interesting borders, and even works of art. Stamping can then be used in order to give the concrete a different texture than it otherwise would.

By combining these three techniques together, it is possible to achieve a wide variety of results with concrete, and it can be used in areas that people would not typically consider such as decks, tabletops, and entryways.

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