Lakeville, MN Concrete Kitchen Islands and Shelving with Lowell Russell Concrete

One of the most popular choices for households today is polished concrete countertopsConcrete countertops are superior to other types of countertops because of their strength and beauty, and they are made to last. Lowell Russell Concrete has the skilled and experienced craftsmen so that you get the perfectly unique look designed just for you and your family. Lowell Russell Concrete provides beautiful concrete countertops in Lakeville, MN for kitchen islands and shelving!

These types of countertops can be molded to fit any space which makes them quite desirable for kitchens. The finished masterpieces will delight any culinary individual and make their workspace free of worry from hot pans, drips, and spills. Because of concrete’s durability, these countertops can stand up to any abuse in the kitchen. Express your style in your living environment by installing a concrete countertop or island in your kitchen.

Another unique style with beauty is open shelving made of polished concrete in your kitchen or pantry to provide plenty of storage and, in some cases, a large, flowing workspace. Stock your shelves with pots, pans, dishes, and spices, or use it as a pantry and store it full of groceries as you prepare some fabulous meals, desserts, or snacks. Use as a practical addition to your cooking and baking needs, or decorate to add some distinctive beauty to your kitchen. Your concrete countertops can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The experts at Lowell Russell Concrete will guide you through the entire process from consultation to installation as well as cleanup and removal of old countertops. Consult with one of our design staff to help you find the best plan and layout for your needs. With many options in which to choose, Lowell Russell staff can help you create a custom look for any project on your list.

Sit back and relax while Lowell Russell Concrete experts take care of things for you. They will assist you in making your dream kitchen come true. Contact us today for ideas and an estimate, and get started on your polished concrete kitchen countertop, island, and open shelving.  You’ll be glad you did!