Concrete! If you are like many of us, this word brings to mind a major highway or building construction. While these are both practical and common uses of this marvel of a building material, we would like to encourage you to think of concrete in a way you may not have previously – decorative concrete.

Concrete can do so much more than many folks imagine! It’s no longer just that dull grey ho-hum stuff that makes-up the basic infrastructure of the roads you travel on, the lots you park in, and the sidewalks you stroll upon. Thanks to modern advances concrete can be crafted to be attractive and aesthetically appealing when masterfully formed into decorative edging, charming pathways and ornamental planters.

Decorative concrete can – no pun intended – give you that edge you are missing. It comes in numerous stamps, styles, shapes, molds and colors, and can be utilized for your driveway, pathways, patio, countertops and floors. It can add curbside appeal to your home or business exterior, and warmth and sophistication to the interior as well. And, just as important, it is cost-effective and durable.

Does this sound counter-intuitive? Here’s an example: with spring upon us, we have friends and neighbors over for a home-style barbeque. Some of the guests have gathered outside to enjoy the gardens, and the flowers in the yard are abundant and fragrant. Others have joined forces around the kitchen island where the countertops are spotless and the appliances gleaming. And yet there seems to be something amiss – a mark of distinction. With decorative concrete you can make the flower gardens inviting and easy to stroll about in, create a festive and unique patio, and craft an interior walkway that welcomes your guests with stunning designs and colors.

Lowell Russell Concrete is a locally-based MN company in Lakeville, and has over 35 years of experience in creating decorative concrete solutions to meet the needs – and the budgets – of their customers. Give us a call before your next get-together!