It’s pretty easy to think of things that don’t improve with age like milk or any other type of highly perishable product. Although your new car isn’t considered a perishable, the moment you drive it off the sales lot, its value perishes and doesn’t improve with age! Ouch!

On the other hand, there are a lot of things that do improve with age; friends, wine, and concrete are great examples. Wait…did we say concrete?  Absolutely! Unlike perishable products and materials that perish in value with age, items created with concrete are built to last. Probably the most famous example of concrete construction is the Roman Coliseum. Obviously lacking in the grandeur it once held, one must take into account the Coliseum has withstood thousands of years of weather, earthquakes, and random ransacking. There are other substantial concrete notables which include Australia’s famous Sydney Opera House and the Falling Waters house designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.

A little closer to home, however, are patios and pool-sides, garden boarders, outdoor furniture and landscaping elements. These are great areas in which to take advantage of the durability of concrete. Plastic lawn furniture starts to degrade the minute you put it under the hot summer sun. Wood will last longer than plastic, but requires constant care and attention such as cleaning, resurfacing and restaining. But concrete lasts. A concrete patio is highly durable and can be fashioned with a multitude of color and design combinations. Compared to other outdoor surfaces, concrete requires far less maintenance and will add value to a property for many years.

In recent years, designers, architects and sculptors have rediscovered an artistic truth; concrete is an artistic medium just as much as it is a building material because it can be stained, etched, colored, stenciled and shaped in an almost infinite variety of ways.  Concrete fixtures can lend your home the classical dignity of a Roman villa or the exotic charm of the new age, and everything in between! For more creative concrete ideas see what we can offer you at Lowell Russell Concrete.