Not many things look more ordinary, maybe even boring, than a concrete slab. Sure they’re strong, functional and incredibly durable, but not many would ever consider them a thing of beauty. That’s all about to change. Thanks to a process called concrete staining, that kind of thinking is a thing of the past. Concrete will no longer be considered The Ugly Duckling but a Swan instead.

Concrete staining allows you to think of that gray slab of cement like a wonderful blank canvas that’s appearance is only limited by your imagination and creativity. That opens up a wide range of possibilities for the often taken-for-granted hero of modern construction.

Would you consider a concrete floor to be an eye-popping addition to a business, office or even a home? What about a beautiful concrete counter top in a kitchen? Concrete staining not only makes it possible, but it can make it absolutely gorgeous! Bring new life to patios, porches and sunrooms. Concrete staining can bring lasting beauty to any room of the house. When done by an expert, concrete staining can give the appearance of stone, slate, brick, warm, earth-toned marbling with vast depths of color, and it can even appear to have the richness of hardwoods.

Why is concrete staining so durable? It isn’t just a surface application, but a long lasting process that actually becomes part of the concrete. There are two types of stain. One is a chemical stain that is a water-based acidic solution that contains various metallic salts. Different mineral salts result in different colors. The solution actually reacts with the lime in the concrete to form a permanent bond that doesn’t chip off or peel away.

The other type of stain is considered nonreactive and is a water-based acrylic stain that doesn’t rely on a chemical reaction to produce color. These stains are made to penetrate the porous surface of the concrete and leave particles of pigment in the pores. The look is different than the acid solution process. Talk with a contractor who specializes in concrete staining to decide which type of stain is right for you.

If concrete staining sounds like something you are interested in bringing to your patio, home or office, contact us at Lowell Russell Concrete, Inc. We will be happy to work with you and show you how concrete can be a beautiful and lasting addition to any space!