Lowell Russell Concrete offers makes unique concrete furniture in Lakeville, MN such as tables and patio furniture.

Are you looking for the perfect statement piece for your home or patio? Then you should consider adding concrete furniture to your Minnesota home or patio! Though typically concrete is thought of as a flooring surface, more furniture designers and interior designers are finding other uses for it. Lowell Russell Concrete of Lakeville, MN has been a leader in providing concrete tables and other concrete furniture to the area.

Concrete opens a world of possibilities when it comes to furniture design. It can be molded into various forms and shapes. For homeowners, concrete furniture enables them to have unique pieces in their home. Whether you are looking for a new table, a patio set, or a way to display family heirlooms, you may want to consider concrete furniture from Lowell Russell Concrete.

In particular, concrete furniture is perfect for homes that are looking for a minimalistic feel. Concrete can be finished to have either a simple, one-tone finish, or etched with intricate designs and colors. No matter the theme or style of your home, concrete furniture can be made to fit your exact needs and personality.

We know that we’ve already convinced you to invest in concrete furniture for you next accent piece, but where do you start? For ideas, check out our photo gallery to see our previous work and build from there. Lowell Russell Concrete will be standing by to help your decorate your home in Lakeville, MN with concrete furniture and tables.