In today’s world it often seems that what we thought was a rock solid choice for a long-term home or business improvement turns out to be something far less in quality and value. Whether it was the result of substandard materials or the wrong solution for a specific application, nothing is more frustrating than to see your desired improvement go from good to bad as fast as the weather can change here in Minnesota.

With that said, there is a product that is highly durable, well suited for our tough Minnesota weather, and rarely disappoints – concrete! Concrete is extremely hard-wearing and made to last. At Lowell Russell Concrete we work diligently to assist you in designing and creating a finished product that don’t sacrifice attributes such as color, texture and appearance. So forget about all of those preconceived notions you may have about concrete looking sterile, boring, gray all day and “cold.”

The new age of decorative concrete is definitely here, so it’s time to consider the “warmth” and functional exquisiteness that can be produced with concrete! Whether you are considering a countertop for your indoor kitchen or outdoor barbeque, walkways or driveways, foyers or patios, or even outdoor furniture, there is nothing like the durability of concrete. If you like to spend your time outdoors, perhaps you want to consider transforming your current bare-bones patio space into an “outside family room.” Just think of the possibilities for a tranquil outdoor alcove or a fabulous entertainment environment – a wonderfully crafted fireplace in the corner, a patio surface stained and etched to your artistic desires, and your patio tables and chairs for just a few or a few dozen that are virtually indestructible. With a minimum amount of care and maintenance, these innovative items will remain for generations to enjoy!

If your curiosity is stirred, take a look at some of the pictures in our furniture gallery: You’ll discover some interesting “concrete” examples of how exquisite concrete furniture can be! If planning a change to your indoor or outdoor space, consider concrete as a rock solid choice!