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Acid-Staining Concrete Floors Can Add Jaw-Dropping Beauty to Your Home

Concrete Staining in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Unique and beautiful floors are growing in popularity, and many who are building new or remodeling are looking to stained concrete floors as an alternative to carpet, tile, and wood. Plain concrete floors can become jaw-dropping beautiful with the acid stain coloring process. Acid staining is a… Read more »

Transforming Ordinary Concrete Into Amazing Beauty

Decorative Concrete in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Becoming the new material of choice, many designers and homeowners are selecting concrete floors for their residences and businesses. Stained, painted, colored, and personalized floors are showing up in homes, offices, restaurants and, often times retail stores, malls, and schools. Stained concrete floors offer many options for… Read more »

Versatile, Decorative Concrete for Indoor Spaces- MN Concrete Tips

With winter descending on the Midwest, now is a great time to tackle those indoor projects you’ve been contemplating. If your plans call for new flooring, countertops, furniture, bar top, sink or fireplace surround, consider the durability and versatility of decorative concrete. Yes, that’s right – concrete excels as an indoor decorative material! Highly durable… Read more »

Interior Concrete Maintenance

Concrete floors that have been stained, colored, or painted are the newest material of choice for both homer designers and homeowners. When these floors are installed, they are acid-stained then sealed with a concrete sealer so that they will be water-resistant as well as impervious to stains, dirt, and anything abrasive.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits of Building with Concrete

Decorative concrete is fast becoming known as the “green” alternative of building materials. The trend now is green building, and decorative concrete is on the cutting edge because it is an environmentally friendly building material, extremely durable, and aesthetically versatile. Concrete also helps reflect sunlight which reduces heat, and this natural method of cooling helps reduce energy costs in buildings and homes.

The Beauty and Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

When searching for the perfect material for your floor, one of the greatest alternatives to marble, tile, and block is stained concrete. Builders understand concrete flooring is one of the most versitale products in use today, because almost any look can be created and match the surroundings of a driveway, cement floor, concrete wall, pool deck, patio, or walkway.