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Let Design Take You Places

The great thing about concrete is that it is so accommodating to our needs and adaptable to our environment. Truly malleable when being poured, concrete lends itself to being shaped and formed in a tremendous variety of ways. It can also be colored, stamped, etched, antiqued, and stenciled, and once it has dried provides a… Read more »

Patio Days: Seven Ways to Have Fun On the Patio

Ah, finally – PATIO WEATHER! We’ve waited EXTRA long for it this year in Minnesota, and now that it’s here, we should enjoy it to the fullest! Here are seven of our favorite things to do outside on the patio…what are some of yours? 1) Enjoy Your Morning Coffee. Pour a hot, steaming cup of… Read more »

Concrete: A Rock Solid Choice!

In today’s world it often seems that what we thought was a rock solid choice for a long-term home or business improvement turns out to be something far less in quality and value. Whether it was the result of substandard materials or the wrong solution for a specific application, nothing is more frustrating than to… Read more »

Concrete: Getting Better with Age

It’s pretty easy to think of things that don’t improve with age like milk or any other type of highly perishable product. Although your new car isn’t considered a perishable, the moment you drive it off the sales lot, its value perishes and doesn’t improve with age! Ouch! On the other hand, there are a… Read more »

Get Creative With Our Online Concrete Designer!

If you’ve been following our blog, you’re probably saying “Okay, I get it! Concrete is art. I now know that concrete is NOT just something to walk or drive on, that it goes way beyond parking garages and city sidewalks and can be used for kitchen floors, countertops, pool area patios, decorative driveways and front… Read more »

It’s Spring!

Wait…wait…yes…it’s coming…it’s bubbling up…impossible to stop…here IT COMES…. YIPPEEEE!   SPRING IS HERE!!! Okay, sorry about that, but it’s just that time. Sure, it may be a while before it starts to LOOK like spring, but it is here – the snow is finally melting away, the sun is warmer and higher in the sky, the… Read more »

Concrete: Your Ingredient for Success

There are three main ingredients to a successful backyard BBQ – friends, food and ambiance. We can’t help you with the friends or the food (although we would certainly appreciate an invitation!), but we can help you with the ambiance. In fact, even if you have just a few friends over or the hot dogs… Read more »

Take Control of Your Design, Use Concrete

Attain a sense of elegance for your home without compromising on your consumer savvy.  Stained concrete paves the way to unexpected and affordable style.  With stained concrete you can enjoy the beauty of natural stone without paying the price. If you are remodeling an existing home, in any outdoor or indoor living space, give stained… Read more »

Create Continuity with Concrete

What is continuity when it comes to design? Continuity is an essential element which encompasses all the aspects of design and function including working from the same color palette throughout a home or place of business. Why is it important? It creates a sense of flow that gives you, your family members and guests a… Read more »

Concrete Through the Seasons

When most of us think of beautifying our home with exterior architectural concrete, we think of the warmer weather seasons of spring, summer and fall. After all, how could a company possibly pour, shape, stamp or mold concrete with a layer of snow covering the ground? Ah, you may be in for a surprise! Architectural… Read more »