Category: Decorative Concrete

Exterior Stamped Concrete

Concrete offers many benefits over other building materials, especially when it comes to accenting areas around your home. There is no limit to the uses for concrete, and when you choose exterior stamped concrete, you will be adding beauty and interest to your home and property.

Concrete Ideas: The Benefits of Working with Concrete

Although most people are familiar with concrete structures, such as home foundations, many don’t consider the versatility that concrete provides. The adaptability of concrete allows for many varieties of shapes, designs, and logos in whatever colors or patterns the customer desires.

Concrete Mix and Design Techniques

Many people do not realize it, but there are several different types of concrete. Also, the way in which it is mixed and worked can be adjusted to mold the concrete in ways that achieve a variety of unique and beautiful results. Regular concrete has a strength of about 1,450 pounds per square inch, while high strength concrete can be mixed to reach strengths of at least 6,000 pounds per square inch.

Benefits of Working with a Concrete Company in Minnesota

Whether you own a small business or you simply need a home project completed for you, working with Lowell Russell Concrete in Minnesota is one of the best options available for your concrete project needs. We have a total of 35 years of experience behind us, and we are well versed in all aspects of working with concrete. We are able to work both inside and outside, providing you with everything from countertops to driveways. We can refine the project using several concrete techniques such as concrete staining, stenciling, and stamped concrete.

“Green” Concrete is Elegant and Economical

The world of concrete is evolving in lock step with the popular and regulatory shifts favoring the use of environmentally friendly building materials. This means the concrete industry is becoming increasingly green by supplying sustainable, recyclable, durable, economical, energy efficient building supplies. Homeowners economize with concrete two ways: via low upfront materials costs, and with every month’s power bill, thanks to the capacity for interior concrete and decorative cement to either raise or lower ambient temperatures as conditions require.

Benefits of interior Stenciled Concrete for Your Home or Business

For those who are looking to put a new mark on their homes, there are a variety of different options available. Some people add a deck, while others remodel their kitchens. One of the best ways to add a touch of luxury to your home is to employ stenciled concrete. Interior stenciled concrete is the perfect way to add an artistic flair to your foyer or bathroom, and is not nearly as difficult or costly to implement as many people believe it might be.

Benefits of Interior Stained Concrete for Your Home or Business

We understand that using concrete to enhance your decor may be an idea that seems unusual. After all, when most people hear the word “concrete,” they picture a garage floor or the neighborhood sidewalk. We would like you to consider the possibility that concrete can add not only function, but warmth and artistry to the INSIDE of your home.

Interior Stamped Concrete for Your Home or Business

Most people agree that they do all they can to accent their home in a positive light. Decorations, design and a whole host of other factors can play into how a home is accented. This can be one of the great pleasures of owning your own home, as you are in complete control. And one of the most attractive accents that can be added to your home is incorporating stamped concrete into the interior of the space. Interior stamped concrete is attractive, affordable and one of the best ways to accent a room in your home.