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Acid-Staining Concrete Floors Can Add Jaw-Dropping Beauty to Your Home

Concrete Staining in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Unique and beautiful floors are growing in popularity, and many who are building new or remodeling are looking to stained concrete floors as an alternative to carpet, tile, and wood. Plain concrete floors can become jaw-dropping beautiful with the acid stain coloring process. Acid staining is a… Read more »

Concrete Fireplace Hearths – The Heart of the Home

For centuries, fireplaces have been known to be the heart of the home, that “cozy spot” where we warm ourselves when chilled. A fireplace can give your home an inviting and comfy feeling and typically brings to mind relaxed nights spent with loved ones in front of a blazing hearth. For hundreds of years a… Read more »

MN Decorative Concrete Tips: Create a Concrete Driveway for Curb Appeal

Lowell Russell Concrete in Minnesota provides tips for adding decorative concrete to beautify your home Who says a concrete driveway needs to be the same old plain, boring utilitarian slab of concrete almost every house in the neighborhood displays from garage to street? Minnesota concrete company, Lowell Russell Concrete, offers  decorative concrete advice on  how… Read more »

Transforming Ordinary Concrete Into Amazing Beauty

Decorative Concrete in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Becoming the new material of choice, many designers and homeowners are selecting concrete floors for their residences and businesses. Stained, painted, colored, and personalized floors are showing up in homes, offices, restaurants and, often times retail stores, malls, and schools. Stained concrete floors offer many options for… Read more »

Versatile, Decorative Concrete for Indoor Spaces- MN Concrete Tips

With winter descending on the Midwest, now is a great time to tackle those indoor projects you’ve been contemplating. If your plans call for new flooring, countertops, furniture, bar top, sink or fireplace surround, consider the durability and versatility of decorative concrete. Yes, that’s right – concrete excels as an indoor decorative material! Highly durable… Read more »

Concrete Gets Beautiful

Not many things look more ordinary, maybe even boring, than a concrete slab. Sure they’re strong, functional and incredibly durable, but not many would ever consider them a thing of beauty. That’s all about to change. Thanks to a process called concrete staining, that kind of thinking is a thing of the past. Concrete will… Read more »

In Need of Other Concrete Services?

Pardon the pride, but we are one of the best when it comes to specialty concrete services. But we also offer more “traditional” services and concrete work for folks looking to build a new structure, add-on to their home, or need work performed on their current driveway, walkways or patio. Whether building new or putting… Read more »

Let Design Take You Places

The great thing about concrete is that it is so accommodating to our needs and adaptable to our environment. Truly malleable when being poured, concrete lends itself to being shaped and formed in a tremendous variety of ways. It can also be colored, stamped, etched, antiqued, and stenciled, and once it has dried provides a… Read more »

Concrete: A Rock Solid Choice!

In today’s world it often seems that what we thought was a rock solid choice for a long-term home or business improvement turns out to be something far less in quality and value. Whether it was the result of substandard materials or the wrong solution for a specific application, nothing is more frustrating than to… Read more »