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Ground Frost, Wear and Tear, and Concrete Problems in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete | Lakeville, MN Concrete Driveways, Concrete Countertops, and More! Ground frost, inclement weather, and wear and tear can take its toll on concrete causing sinking, cracking, unevenness and other concrete problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool area, it may be time to… Read more »

Concrete Kitchen Island and Shelving – Perfect for the Culinary Experts in Lakeville, MN

Lakeville, MN Concrete Kitchen Islands and Shelving with Lowell Russell Concrete One of the most popular choices for households today is polished concrete countertops.  Concrete countertops are superior to other types of countertops because of their strength and beauty, and they are made to last. Lowell Russell Concrete has the skilled and experienced craftsmen so… Read more »

Concrete Sinks – A Great Look for Any Home in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete offers Concrete Sinks for your Home in Lakeville, MN Concrete…a material that usually doesn’t sound all too glamorous, does it? A substance that is generally used for driveways, sidewalks, or walls isn’t typically thought of as something that would be a great asset or give a fabulous look to anything indoors. However,… Read more »

Transforming Ordinary Concrete Into Amazing Beauty

Decorative Concrete in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Becoming the new material of choice, many designers and homeowners are selecting concrete floors for their residences and businesses. Stained, painted, colored, and personalized floors are showing up in homes, offices, restaurants and, often times retail stores, malls, and schools. Stained concrete floors offer many options for… Read more »

Versatile, Decorative Concrete for Indoor Spaces- MN Concrete Tips

With winter descending on the Midwest, now is a great time to tackle those indoor projects you’ve been contemplating. If your plans call for new flooring, countertops, furniture, bar top, sink or fireplace surround, consider the durability and versatility of decorative concrete. Yes, that’s right – concrete excels as an indoor decorative material! Highly durable… Read more »

Concrete: Solid AND Flexible

Concrete. The  dictionary tells us the word means real, solid, firm, and dependable, and that It is a type of building material. All of this is true, but…well, basic and uninspiring. For us at Lowell Russell, concrete, like any other substance used by humankind, is also an artistic material and medium. Yes…you heard right: artistic!… Read more »