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Acid-Staining Concrete Floors Can Add Jaw-Dropping Beauty to Your Home

Concrete Staining in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Unique and beautiful floors are growing in popularity, and many who are building new or remodeling are looking to stained concrete floors as an alternative to carpet, tile, and wood. Plain concrete floors can become jaw-dropping beautiful with the acid stain coloring process. Acid staining is a… Read more »

Transforming Ordinary Concrete Into Amazing Beauty

Decorative Concrete in Minnesota by Lowell Russell Concrete Becoming the new material of choice, many designers and homeowners are selecting concrete floors for their residences and businesses. Stained, painted, colored, and personalized floors are showing up in homes, offices, restaurants and, often times retail stores, malls, and schools. Stained concrete floors offer many options for… Read more »

Concrete Gets Beautiful

Not many things look more ordinary, maybe even boring, than a concrete slab. Sure they’re strong, functional and incredibly durable, but not many would ever consider them a thing of beauty. That’s all about to change. Thanks to a process called concrete staining, that kind of thinking is a thing of the past. Concrete will… Read more »

Make a Concrete Impression

This post is for those who wish to make an impression upon others! Imprinted concrete, also referred to as stamped, textured or patterned concrete, gives the ability to personalize and enhance your interior and exterior concrete surfaces. You can choose from hundreds of existing patterns or create your own unique design! Do you have a… Read more »

Do you Dream in Color?

At Lowell Russell Concrete we’re always dreaming in color, especially when it comes to decorative concrete, and we can make our dreams your reality!

Concrete Ideas: The Benefits of Working with Concrete

Although most people are familiar with concrete structures, such as home foundations, many don’t consider the versatility that concrete provides. The adaptability of concrete allows for many varieties of shapes, designs, and logos in whatever colors or patterns the customer desires.

Benefits of Interior Stained Concrete for Your Home or Business

We understand that using concrete to enhance your decor may be an idea that seems unusual. After all, when most people hear the word “concrete,” they picture a garage floor or the neighborhood sidewalk. We would like you to consider the possibility that concrete can add not only function, but warmth and artistry to the INSIDE of your home.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Your Home or Business

You have probably seen decorative concrete in many places but not realized what material it was! Concrete has traveled a long way from gray sidewalks and driveways. Just a few examples of what concrete can be used for are: sleek and durable concrete countertops, innovative concrete walls resembling any material, and high end polished concrete floors of any color. Decorative concrete can also give you a custom look for a driveway, pool, or patio area. In short, concrete can be stained any color, designed to imitate almost any surface, and can be used virtually anywhere.