Did you know that the dome of the Roman Pantheon was built with the use of concrete in 126 AD and, despite other concrete structures new and old, holds the world record for the largest unreinforced concrete dome? If you’ve had the fortune of traveling to Italy you may have noticed how well it has held up for almost 2,000 years. Not too shabby!

Concrete is durable. Durability refers to the ability to last a long time without significant wear and tear. Not only does this mean that the structure itself will hold up longer, but in the long run conserves on the natural resources required every time a new structure is built. It also reduces waste that accompanies the destruction of existing structures.

In fact, concrete often exceeds its own building design life expectancy. Most concrete structures are destroyed not because they are falling apart, but because they are no longer needed or a totally new structure is desired. More often than not, a concrete structure can be “recycled” with interior changes or by altering the face of the building.

What makes concrete so durable?

1.     Composition: Concrete is a composite material, meaning that it is made from at least two discrete substances. Concrete is primarily composed of aggregate (coarse gravel or crushed rocks), cement and water.  As with any composite material, durability is dependent upon the proper mixture of these materials.
2.    Fire resistant: Quite simply, concrete does not burn.
3.    Wind resistant: Concrete has minimal horizontal movement and provides greater protection during high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes.
4.    Ultraviolet resistant: Concrete is not harmed by ultraviolet rays from the sun, nor do pigments in concrete fade as quickly as paint.
5.    Vermin-proof: Concrete is inedible, even for those with not so discriminating taste.  Therefore, it is not subject to vermin and insects as many other building materials are, such as wood and plaster.

So, go ahead and build your castle. Lowell Russell Concrete will make it stands the test of time and be there for the generations to come!