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Concrete Furniture: A Long Lasting Investment

Lowell Russell Concrete offers makes unique concrete furniture in Lakeville, MN such as tables and patio furniture. Are you looking for the perfect statement piece for your home or patio? Then you should consider adding concrete furniture to your Minnesota home or patio! Though typically concrete is thought of as a flooring surface, more furniture… Read more »

Versatile, Decorative Concrete for Indoor Spaces- MN Concrete Tips

With winter descending on the Midwest, now is a great time to tackle those indoor projects you’ve been contemplating. If your plans call for new flooring, countertops, furniture, bar top, sink or fireplace surround, consider the durability and versatility of decorative concrete. Yes, that’s right – concrete excels as an indoor decorative material! Highly durable… Read more »

Benefits of Interior Concrete Tables

Concrete furniture is in a class of its own. It is durable, beautiful, and is usually less expensive than other furniture sets. Concrete is easier to customize to your home or business, and can be decorated and colored to fit any design aesthetic. Interior concrete tables add a sense of stability and regality to any room, and provide many benefits including increased functionality, beauty, and longevity.

Benefits of Interior Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture can be the perfect addition to your home by being beautiful, sturdy, and functional. One of the best parts of concrete furniture is that it holds its value for a very long time, and because concrete is so sturdy it can withstand the weathering of time and sustain its presence and beauty for years to come. Concrete furniture can also be created in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit any decorating style.

Guide to the Benefits of Concrete Furniture

The benefits of concrete furniture go far beyond their strength. There’s nothing like the look of elegant, concrete furniture and tables to complete an outdoor decorative landscape. Concrete furniture such as benches and chairs are manufactured to withstand the harsh seasonal elements while maintaining their beauty. The design of ornamental concrete furniture can range from simple to ornate and most are timelessly made to compliment any outdoor decor.