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Concrete Safety Tips- Keep Icy Pathways and Concrete Driveways Safe

Minnesota Concrete, Concrete Stain, Stamped Concrete and more- Lowell Russell Concrete There’s a definite chill in the air these days. Temperatures are dropping and the first few flakes of snow have fallen from the sky. Winter’s impending arrival gives homeowners new concerns. One of those concerns is keeping your concrete driveway and pathways ice-free and… Read more »

Concrete: Your Ingredient for Success

There are three main ingredients to a successful backyard BBQ – friends, food and ambiance. We can’t help you with the friends or the food (although we would certainly appreciate an invitation!), but we can help you with the ambiance. In fact, even if you have just a few friends over or the hot dogs… Read more »

Exterior Stamped Concrete

Concrete offers many benefits over other building materials, especially when it comes to accenting areas around your home. There is no limit to the uses for concrete, and when you choose exterior stamped concrete, you will be adding beauty and interest to your home and property.

The Many Uses of Concrete in Your Home or Business

Concrete is used to pour foundations and walls in buildings and structures around the world, which is a building material made from water, sand, gravel and cement. Approximately six billion tons of concrete are produced every year, and concrete is one of the most durable building materials ever created. Together, steel and concrete can make buildings as high as skyscrapers, but most people don’t realize the elegance and beauty of poured concrete for use around their home or business.

Benefits of Concrete Steps, Stairs, and Walkways

Concrete is a material that can be used to add style and expression to any property. Concrete is mainly used as an exterior substance for building and designing, and it is affordable for the average homeowner. Steps, walkways, and staircases can all be constructed from concrete because concrete is a substance that conforms to any figure or structure. Concrete is also weather-proof, which allows it to be used anywhere. Practically any design can be constructed into a physical structure made of concrete, especially walkways and steps.