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Enjoy the Last Hot Days of Summer

With late-summer temperatures still reaching into the 80s and 90s, now is a great time to throw a backyard patio or pool party. So, give your friends and neighbors a call, fire up the grill and throw a fun, casual bash before school starts. Traditional summer party fare, such as coleslaw, chips, hamburgers and hot… Read more »

Summer Time is Pool Time!

As we reach the middle of summer many folks begin to ask themselves two questions: Why don’t we have a swimming pool, and when is the best time to have one put in? Question one is basically answered by understanding what you would like for a pool, what you can afford, and how a pool… Read more »

Which Pool Are You?

Swimming pools come in many different sizes and shapes and fulfill a variety of purposes. Regardless of the type or function of the pool, all pools can be enhanced with a decorative concrete pool deck. The area surrounding the pool should not only provide a safe, slip-resistant surface, but also complement your home and the… Read more »

Exterior Stamped Concrete

Concrete offers many benefits over other building materials, especially when it comes to accenting areas around your home. There is no limit to the uses for concrete, and when you choose exterior stamped concrete, you will be adding beauty and interest to your home and property.

Benefits of Concrete Pools

Concrete is a versatile material, and using concrete to build interior or exterior pools offers significant advantages over a fiberglass pool. The primary reason to choose a concrete pool is the unlimited flexibility. Concrete can be poured to fit a space of any size. Most fiberglass pools come only in preset designs, whereas a concrete pool can be customized to a particular shape without increasing the cost by much. This allows for complete creativity, limited only by imagination.

The Many Uses of Concrete in Your Home or Business

Concrete is used to pour foundations and walls in buildings and structures around the world, which is a building material made from water, sand, gravel and cement. Approximately six billion tons of concrete are produced every year, and concrete is one of the most durable building materials ever created. Together, steel and concrete can make buildings as high as skyscrapers, but most people don’t realize the elegance and beauty of poured concrete for use around their home or business.

Benefits of Concrete Pools

For both interior and outdoor underground pools, nothing beats concrete. A concrete pool is not only superior to other pools in durability and design but it is also a great way to relax and enjoy the summer weather. Concrete pools are also just a little way to show off, which can be done modestly or with flair.